Beginning in 2017, the Americans in Support of Law Enforcement Symposium on Policing in America will bring together leading edge experts in the fields of law enforcement, academia, and public policy to discuss the current state of policing in America.

The symposium will include myriad perspectives on topics ranging from police use-of-force to community policing, encompassing contemporary topics relevant to the law enforcement community and public safety.

See coverage of AISLE's 2017 policing symposium during National Police Week HERE


speaker forums

We believe that in order for the public to better understand the often complex public safety and law enforcement policy issues facing the nation, it is important to be exposed to all sides and considerations. Americans in Support of Law Enforcement provides the forum for just such a possibility. 

Beginning in Winter, 2017, Americans in Support of Law Enforcement will bring the insights of policy makers, academics, and law enforcement leaders directly to the public by hosting Speaker Forums designed to add much needed context and perspective to the public conversation on policing in America. Only through a thorough and balanced approach to these complex issues can the public begin to better understand the unique difficulties facing the American law enforcement community. 




In 1789, Thomas Jefferson wrote that, "wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government." Sadly, today our public discourse is littered with misinformation and demagoguery and no community of professionals has been more adversely effected by such misinformation as the American law enforcement community. In order to improve police and community relations as well as empower supporters of American law enforcement, it is necessary to combat misinformation and demagoguery with facts and perspective.

Americans in Support of Law Enforcement provides that balance and perspective by educating the public on the realities of policing in America. We offer breaking news on law enforcement stories through our blog, television and radio commentary on hot-button issues, and timely op-eds that have been featured in major print and online publications.