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deadly police use-of-force

Few events provoke greater public scrutiny than an officer-involved deadly use of force incident. While in the past there has been a dearth of information on nationwide deadly force incidents, recent data collection has helped to illuminate these events. Rather than succumb to the misinformation and demagoguery promulgated by some individuals, take a look at the facts.

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non-fatal Use-of-force and Police Conduct

Questions over appropriate police use of force have dominated the public discourse over the past few years, calling into question the appropriateness and legality of officer activity throughout the nation. We separate fact from fiction and seek to provide the public with a better understanding of the realities of policing in the 21st century.

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The ferguson effect

The Ferguson Effect came to the public’s attention in the wake of several high-profile police actions that resulted in myriad protests, riots, and violence. It describes the phenomenon whereby police officers refrain from proactive police work for fear that their actions, however lawful and appropriate, will be misconstrued by the public. This dangerous phenomenon impacts not just officer behavior but public safety as well.

Our law enforcement institutions cannot function effectively when fear over misperceptions - or even deliberate mischaracterizations - inhibit an officer's ability to engage in the type of police work necessary to reduce, and not just respond, to crime in society.

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Body-Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras have become increasingly ubiquitous as one of the many tools of the American police officer. Supporters praise their ability to add transparency to police-citizen interactions; however, questions remain as to their efficacy as well as over the public’s right to access and view footage versus the need to preserve evidence.

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police pursuits

High-speed police pursuits have been the source of much debate and controversy over their utility in balancing public safety with the need to apprehend fleeing criminal suspects. On the one hand, failing to pursue suspects leaves the public vulnerable to criminal indiscretions and also establishes the dangerous precedent that suspected offenders may face no consequences by failing to heed to police. Conversely, high-speed pursuits place the public, officers, and suspects in acute peril due to their inherent dangers.

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